Investment Planning

As we pass through the different stages in life, most of us want to feel a sense of financial security on our way to achieving financial independence.

That means:

  • Increasing your net worth by reducing mortgages and debts
  • Accumulating wealth for education, retirement, and lifestyle goals
  • Providing an adequate, sustainable, tax efficient retirement income that you won’t outlive
  • Preserving the wealth you have spent a lifetime creating for the next generation

It’s never too soon or too late to develop an investment strategy and at Bocking Financial Solutions we can help you with the process. For an overview of key considerations when investment planning, please review the videos and articles below courtesy of Manulife Investments.

  1. Retiring Debt Free
  2. The Bigger Bang RRSP Strategy
  3. Serve Yourself a Bigger Slice of Pie
  4. Avoiding the Money Talk
  5. Income for Life – With or without a Pension Plan
  6. Navigating the Retirement Risk Zone
  8. Little Known Facts about CPP
  9. Why a large tax refund is no reason to celebrate
  10. Volunteering – Giving back to your community
  11. Rising Cost of Education

How We Can Help

  • We are knowledgeable about the government rules and regulations surrounding RESP’s, RRSP’s, RRIF’s, Locked-In Pension Funds including LIRA’s (Locked In Retirement Accounts) and LIF’s (Life Income Funds)
  • We offer a wide range of very competitive wealth accumulation and retirement income products including: GIC’s, High Interest Daily Savings Account, Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds, and Annuities
  • We work with clients to assess their risk tolerance and design investment portfolios that help achieve their wealth accumulation goals
  • We work with clients to help them understand the transition from employment income to retirement income, and build an income strategy that provides adequate, sustainable, tax efficient income for life
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